Nick Lavoie

PhD Student, CEOAS


B.S., Marine Sciences, NC State University (2017)
B.S., Geology, NC State University (2017)

Research Interests:

I have interests in a broad range of subjects (hence multiple degrees) across the realms of geology and marine science, but the current focus of my research is paleomagnetism and related environmental data from coring in the Northeast Pacific.

Other Interests:

Outside of academia, I have always had a great love for sports and music.  Soccer is my sport of choice, and I have supported FC Dallas (sorry Timbers fans) since playing high school soccer back home in Arkansas.  I also love to sing, and my wildest dream is to be the lead singer in a famous band.

Mailing address:
104 CEOAS Admin Bldg
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503

Phone: 870-918-0816