We are happy to announce the opening of the newly relocated and updated P-Mag lab! Although the fire in Burt hall in December 2018 has been a significant issue for us and all of CEOAS, we were very happy to acquire a new space and have moved the P-mag Lab to beautiful new home in the basement of OSU’s Marine and Geology Repository (MGR) (See pictures of the OSU-MGR during its open house and Pmag Lab below). The lab group, with Lab manager Katharine Solada in the lead, are looking forward to being fully operational after COVID-19 conditions have improved.

MGR Grand Opening on January 31, 2020.

Guests observing lectures during the MGR Grand Opening

Show and tell of select cores from the MGR by Maziet Cheseby.

Office space for Lab manager Katharine Solada, students and visiting researchers.

Bartington MS3 meter and loop integrated into a OSU build Magnetic Susceptibility track system.

(center) 2G Enterprises u-channel superconduction rock magnetometer (SRM) with inline AF and ARM capabilities. (left) 2G Enterprises 1.5 m pulse magnetizer