Dr. Sarah Strano

2008-2014 Ph.D. Student, CEOAS


Ph.D. Oceanography,
Oregon State University, 2014

B.S., Geology,
University of Pittsburgh, 2007.

B.A., History,
University of Pittsburgh, 2007.

Research interests:

My research spans a variety of topics including understanding paleomagnetism, paleoclimate, and developing new techniques for studying these topics. Specifically, I use magnetic measurements from marine sediments from the North Atlantic, Gulf of Alaska and the Baltic Sea to improve understand how magnetization is acquired in sediments and quantify the post-depositional remanence magnetization process (pDRM).  Using an improved understanding of this process, we can improve reconstructions of the past geomagnetic field and understand how these magnetic records are affected by regional environmental changes. This work requires a combination of high-quality observational data (e.g. radiometric dating, deep-sea and ultra high-resolution paleomagnetic records) and application of a variety of statistical tools to minimize and quantify uncertainty (e.g. Bayesian and random walk statistics, cluster analysis, regression analysis, etc.).  Using these tools, we show that the pDRM process exists and must be accounted for when developing paleomagnetic records and combing them for regional and global reconstructions using deep-sea paleomagnetic records as a chronic-stratigraphic tool to better constrain sediment core chronologies.

Outreach interests:

I am always eager to participate in outreach activities.  I love communicating about science and what I know to any audience who is willing to listen.

Over the past few years, I have been a collaborator and consultant for the JOIDES Resolution Regional Outreach Network (JRON) with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and Deep-Earth Academy. I helped develop the concept and advise educators in the development of scientific activities used for museum and science family days as part of JRON. These activities highlighted the science accomplished through the JOIDES Resolution and IODP.

My experiences at the University of Pittsburgh, CEOAS, and abroad have helped me not only to cultivate my scientific objectives as a researcher, but also a desire to develop better methods for teaching science to the public. At CEOAS, I am lucky to have the opportunity to participate in many outreach activities, including Suitcase Science, and the Salmon Bowl.

Feel free to contact me for information on outreach, or to ask any questions you have about research in the lab!

Download: Curriculum Vitae SES


Mailing address:
104 CEOAS Admin Bldg
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503

Phone: 541.737.8615
Fax: 541.737.2604 
Email: sstrano@coas.oregonstate.edu
Office: Burt 103


AGU Poster (2013)

Holocene paleomagnetic record of the North Atlantic


AGU (2011)

A time varying model of pDRM processes based on deep sea Holocene and deglacial sedimentary paleomagnetic records


G3 (2013)

The influence of high-latitude flux lobes on the Holocene paleomagnetic record of IODP Site U1305 and the northern North Atlantic


Strano, S.E., Stoner, J.S., Xuan, C. and Marcott, S. (submitted to Science), Paleomagnetic acquisition induced age offset and smoothing of deep-sea sediments.

Stoner, J.S., Channell, J.E.T., Mazuad, A. Strano, S.E., Xuan, C. (2013), The influence of high latitude flux lobes on the Holocene paleomagnetic record of IODP Site 1305 and the northern North Atlantic, Geochemistry, Geophysics and Geosystems.

Strano, S.E., Ziegler, L.B., Stoner, J.S. (in preparation for Journal of Geophysical Research Letters), North Atlantic paleomagnetic secular variation and relative paleomagnetic intensity over the last 15-ka.

Strano, S.E., Hatfield, R.H., Stoner, J.S. (in preparation for Earth and Planetary Science Letters), Influence of rock magnetic properties on the paleomagnetic record of the deep North Atlantic.


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