P-mag Lab Facilities

P.I. Joseph Stoner

The Paleo- and Environmental Research Laboratory contains:

  • A liquid helium free 2G Enterprises 3-axis superconducting rock magnetometer (SRM) optimized for u-channel samples. The SRM is equipped with high resolution DC squids, a software controlled tracking system, in-line alternating field demagnetization coils, in-line DC coil for acquisition of an anhysteric remanent magnetization and a seperate off-line pulse magnetizer for acquisition of an isothermal remanent magnetization for u-channel samples up to fields of 1 Tesla.
  • A Bartington MS3 susceptibility meter with a 10cm diameter MS2C loop sensor equipped with core track for field measurements and an MS2B for measurement of dual frequency magnetic susceptibility on discrete samples.
  • ASC Model IM-10-30 Impulse Magnetizer capable of producing DC field up to 1.2 Tesla.

Please email Dr. Joseph Stoner to arrange use of our facilities.