OSU Marine Geology Repository

P.I.s J. Stoner and A. Koppers

Current repository space includes ~41,000 CFT of refrigerated core storage, ~10,000 cubic feet of rock storage, plus repository office and archive room, core sampling laboratory, rock preparation room, core splitting room, freezer room, and staging area.  The website for the repository can be found here.

The following equipment is available to users of the OSU-MGR:
  • A containerized sea-going GEOTEK MSCL-S multi-sensor track (MST) that provides line scan camera photography, gamma ray attenuation (GRA) bulk density, loop and point-source magnetic susceptibility (MS), P-wave velocity (PWA) and electrical resistivity (ER).
  • A seperate GEOTEK “bench-top” split core MSCL-XY track for the line-scan camera and point source susceptibility
  • Core splitters (three units, one permanently mounted at the lab and two portable systems)
  • UIC, Inc. CO2 coulometer
  • Beckman Coulter LS 13 329 laser diffraction particle size analyzer
  • Microscopes (petrographic with digital camera and old binocular).
  • Photography station (Norman flash photography strobe lighting system, Graflex camera)
  • Freeze dryer (Virtus) and Freeze dryer (LabConco)
  • Rock and band saws
  • Electronic and manual balances
  • Two sea-going refrigerated vans
  • Miscellaneous laboratory facilities for use by visiting investigators, including sampling tables, fume hood, and other equipment.


We have the largest core collection on the west coast and the most active collection in the U.S.

The GEOTEK Multi-sensor Core Logger.  Measurable properties include: bulk density, p-wave velocity, magnetic susceptibility, resistivity.

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