The P-mag Lab will continue to have a strong partnership with IODP in the 2018/19 academic year and is committed to developing, implementing, and achieving IODP scientific objectives.

We are starting the year by participating in two IODP workshops focused on planning future drilling around the Greenland Ice Sheet and in the Arctic/North Pacific.  The first of these will be in support of IODP Proposal 814-Full, led by Joe, which plans to target sites on the South Greenland Margin that will extend back to the late-Miocene.  The latter will help develop drilling targets identified during our recent work on the Oregon Margin on cruises OC1706B (Co-Chiefs, Mo/Joe) and RR1718 (Mo/Brendan).

In December, Rob will head out on the JOIDES Resolution (JR) to serve as Paleomagnetist on the first JR100 cruise, which utilizes the drilling capabilities of the JR to drill shallow (<100 m) sites while the JR is in transit and/or in between IODP Expeditions.  They will be drilling a number of sites on the Chilean Margin to recover high-resolution records of the region’s past climate and oceanographic conditions.

In March, Brendan will get on the JR to serve as Paleomagnetist on IODP Expedition 382, which will drill basins in the Scotia Sea and a drift on the South Falkland Slope to learn about past Antarctic Ice Sheet discharge, through the Iceberg Alley ice-rafted debris record, and Southern Ocean paleoceanography since the Middle Miocene.

Finally, in May, Joe will shake hands with Brendan getting off the JR and then get on himself to serve as Paleomagnetist on IODP Expedition 383, which will investigate the Pliocene-Pleistocene dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current be drilling a number of sites on the Chilean Margin and South Pacific Ocean.

In addition, we have a number of ongoing research projects that build on the materials and results of prior IODP Expeditions.  This includes the MS thesis research of Ben, who is studying the particle size specific magnetic properties of sediments recovered at Northern North Atlantic Sites U1305 and U1306 during IODP Exp. 303, and research by Rob, who is constructing very long time-series of Relative Paleointensity (RPI) from Western Pacific Warm Pool Site U1486 recovered during IODP Exp. 363.

Check out the following links to learn more about these projects:



MagellanPlus Workshop on Greenland Ice Sheet Evolution (note: link to download program), (Stoner/Hatfield/Reilly) September 11-14, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

Scientific Exploration of the Arctic and North Pacific (SEA-NorP), (Stoner/Walczak/Reilly) September 25-27, 2018, Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA


Active Proposal:

814-Full: Assessing the history of the south Greenland Ice Sheet and its interactions with ocean circulation, climate, and sea level, (Stoner et al.)


JR100 National Science Foundation Funded Cruise:

Digging Deeper with the JR100: Extending High Resolution Paleoclimate Records from the Chilean Margin to the Eemian, (Hatfield) December 15, 2018 – January 18, 2019, Papeete, Tahiti to Punta Arenas, Chile


IODP Expeditions:

Expedition 382: Iceberg Alley and Subantarctic Ice and Ocean Dynamics, (Reilly) March 20 – May 20, 2019, Punta Arenas, Chile to Punta Arenas, Chile

Expedition 383: Dynamics of Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current (DYNAPACC), (Stoner) May 20 – July 20, 2019, Punta Arenas, Chile to Valparaiso, Chile


Examples of Ongoing Research Projects:

Expedition 303: Developing new magnetic tracers of ice sheet instability and ocean circulation in the northern North Atlantic (NSF Award to Stoner/Hatfield; MS Thesis Research of Freiberg)

Expedition 340: Paleomagnetic Assisted Chronology of IODP Sites U1395 and U1396 (NSF Award to Hatfield/Stoner)

Expedition 341: Linking magnetic and isotopic data from Gulf of Alaska deep-sea cores: understanding the region’s contribution to global oceanographic variability and the earth’s magnetic field (NSF Award to Stoner)

Expedition 354: Chronostratigraphic Modeling of the 8 Degrees North Bengal Fan IODP Exp. 354 Transect (PhD Research of Reilly)

Expedition 363: Developing paleomagnetic chronologies of, and paleogeomagnetic understanding from, IODP sites U1486 and U1489 in the western Pacific warm pool (NSF Award to Hatfield/Stoner)