The OSU P-mag lab will be at AGU in New Orleans this year, with five presentations in five different sessions (and three focus groups!).  Our presentations range from addressing magnetostratigraphic, geomagnetic, paleoceanographic, volcanic, radiocarbon, and paleo-glacial problems.  Check them out and come find us to talk more about what we are working on!



Talk at 9:30-9:45 in Room 344-345

Maureen Walczak et al., PP21E-07: Correspondence between North Pacific Ocean ventilation, Cordilleran Ice Sheet variations, and North Atlantic Heinrich Events

Talk at 4:30-4:45 in Room 343:

Brendan Reilly et al., PP24A-03: Past collapse and late Holocene reestablishment of the Petermann Ice Tongue, Northwest Greenland

Poster from 1:40-6:00 in the Poster Hall D-F

Katharine Solada et al., V23E-0531: Constraining Resurgence through Lake Sediment Paleomagnetism on Resurgent Dome Samosir Island in Toba Caldera, Sumatra, Indonesia



Talk at 10:50-11:05 in Room 225-227

Robert Hatfield et al., GP42A-03: A Two Million Year Equatorial Paleogeomagnetic and Relative Paleointensity Record from IODP Site U1489 in the West Pacific Warm Pool: Towards an Improved Tuning Target.

Talk at 5:45-6:00 in Room 352

Joseph Stoner et al., PP44A-08: Development of a Process Based Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Dating Curve for the Northern Hemisphere Through the Radiocarbon Interval

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