IODP Expedition 354 Bengal Fan is off to an exciting start.  The science party boarded the JOIDES Resolution on January 30 and has been busy preparing to set sail this morning for our first site.  While in port, our days are spent getting to know one another and learning about both the expedition and individual science objectives. In addition, we are being trained by IODP staff and the JR crew on the drilling technology, core flow, laboratory capabilities, and ship safety.
Co-chief scientists, Christian France-Lanord and Volkhard Spiess, started the discussion with a presentation of the major questions they hope to address with the drill cores, particularly in relation to climate and tectonic interactions and architecture of the Bengal Fan.  Following this, IODP staff scientist, Adam Klaus, and his team introduced us to the logistics of working on the JOIDES Resolution.
I am looking forward to leaving port tomorrow and working with the shipboard science party, especially fellow paleomagnetists, Laure Meynadier, Jairo Savian, and Peter Selkin. If all goes well, we will recover our first sediment on February 7.

Adam Klaus (staff scientist) gives a tour of the JR

The Joides Resolution (JR) at our departure port

Brendan outside the JR